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10 reasons to have your intimate wedding at The Residence

When it comes to weddings, every couple is unique! Some prefer to elope as soon as possible while others prefer a long engagement. Some prefer a wedding with hundreds of guests while others would much rather have an intimate gathering. Some have even been faced with either postponing due to restrictions or narrowing the guest list down to a small intimate wedding.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider an intimate wedding at The Residence at Vrede En Lust!

Special Guests

With an intimate wedding and a narrowed-down guestlist, you can rest assured that you will be celebrating your special day with those who mean the world to you.

More Time With Your Guests

Many couples find that after the big day, they don’t talk to half of their guests! With fewer guests on your special day, you can spend quality time with each of them.

Rethink Your Venue

The Residence at Vrede En Lust is the ideal venue for your intimate wedding. With ample space for the bridal party to get ready, and selected guests to spend the night, the villa is all yours for your special day.

Save Costs

With a smaller headcount, you can focus on the small things and making your big day count. Your costs will be less and you can go the extra mile for every guest.

Time With Each Other

When it comes to intimate weddings, you’ll find that you’ll be able to steal your partner for special moments during the day. For a little chat between photos or stealing a kiss after meals, having fewer people means you get more time for yourself and your partner.


The Residence at Vrede En Lust gives you a beautiful backdrop inside and out. With the rolling mountains and vineyards being your backdrop and intricate architecture throughout the house, your photos will be unique and about you.

Less Chance Of A Mishap

With a smaller wedding and fewer guests, the likelihood of something going run is minimal. There are fewer elements involved and you can enjoy the true purpose of your wedding – to celebrate and relax. And if something does get skipped or forgotten, your guests won’t even notice!


By saving costs on an intimate wedding, you’ll have more to spend on your honeymoon and the time after the wedding with your partner!

Feel Relaxed

A wedding brings on a natural sense of worrying, but with an intimate wedding, you and your guests will feel more relaxed and at ease. Even more so when you are having it at a villa where guests can enjoy sundowners along the banks of the water or sit down and enjoy chats with each other.

The Residence at Vrede En Lust is here to host your intimate wedding of up to 40 guests with 12 sleeping comfortably. Our professional wedding coordinator, Elzahn Stuart-Fox from Le Fox Weddings & Events, will assist with your special day and ensuring that it is nothing but the most exquisite day! Visit: to find out more about our intimate events packages or get in touch with Corne at to discuss your needs.

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